Classic Club

12 bottles of wine every six months

FREE Delivery (excludes Northern Territory)

This membership level is for those who want to enjoy a selection of high-quality wines regularly. Members receive twelve bottles of wine every six months. The wines are selected broadly from our range. 

Note: Photo is indicative of bottle amount and not what will be in your order


4 x white wines 
2 x sparkling wines
6 x red wines 

How it works:

  1. Select Your Start Date: Choose when you want to begin your wine journey, e.g., December 1st 2023 (Summer).
  2. First Billing: Upon selecting your start date and placing the order, you will be billed immediately for your first seasonal wine selection.
  3. Enjoy our wines: Your curated wine selection will be dispatched to your door to coincide with the start date you have selected.
  4. Automatic Next Season Billing: Your next billing and wine dispatch will be automatically arranged for the subsequent season, ensuring a seamless and continuous exploration of our finest wines.

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